First Aid for Public Contracts


þ What do you pay for? An assistance package that includes a number of minutes (starting the day after receipt of payment) that you spend as you wish. You can ask detailed questions on a regular basis (you are literally charged per started minute), or you can ask a number of broader questions for which the answer takes more time.

þ What is your advantage? Converted per hour, the helpdesk is significantly more advantageous than the standard hourly rate for consultancy, albeit with the limitations described below.


þ The assistance package applies only to contacts by telephone and e-mail for specific questions. The package does not include personal consultations or visits to the client.

þ The duration of the assistance contract is indefinite. If you wish to purchase additional minutes, the rate according to the formula you choose (bronze, silver or gold) will apply. If you do not use the minutes purchased during the year, they remain valid the following year.

þ All prices exclude VAT.

450,00 €